Is your check engine light on? Call Cliff’s Car Tech to quickly and accurately diagnose your vehicle’s problem today. We are utilizing cutting-edge computer technology paired with knowledgeable expertise and plain old-fashioned “know-how” and experience to successfully pinpoint any issues you may be experiencing. The vehicles of today are incredibly complex and something as simple as a dirty wire on an air intake sensor can create havoc on your engine’s performance. Whether your alternator needs repairs, your electrical system is malfunctioning or you’re just not sure what’s wrong, contact us today we can help.

Complete Bumper-to-Bumper Diagnostics & Repair  

At Cliff’s, our ASE-certified tech and experienced mechanics can help increase the drivability of your car or truck in a variety of ways. We realize that many clients have to trust their mechanic to advise them best and most don’t know exactly what the technicians are really doing under the hood. As trusted mechanics, we pride ourselves on our honesty. We only perform work that is necessary and advisable. We strive to make sure our clients are always fully informed and aware of all their options before any work is performed. Cliff’s Car Tech provides complete auto care services, from bumper to bumper. For reliable, comprehensive automotive diagnostics and repairs, don’t hesitate to call.

Many of our clientele have been with Cliff’s Car Tech for years.  We win those types of clients  with honesty and fair  competitive pricing one repair at a time. We are in it for the long-haul and we want to keep your family safely on the road.